Can you buy a bottle of Drink for N100k in Nigeria?

Can you buy a bottle of Drink for N100k in Nigeria?



Hello good day to all wonderful NewsExclusive readers from across the globe. Today we want to study on the financial strength of an African Nation, Nigeria following the current hardship in that particular region.



Firstly, there’s a question which your answers will go a long way in enlightening most of us here. Do you think anybody hustling legitimately in Nigeria can afford to deep hand into his/her pocket to buy a bottle of drink worth one hundred thousand naira (100,000.00) in a Club?


In a recent answer to this very question, a Twitter User identified as @drpenking has given his own opinion. Entmediahub



According to the Nigerian doctor, “Nobody living in Nigeria and hustling legit can remove 100k and buy one bottle of drink in a club. It’s either he is stealing from government or he is stealing from wh1te men. Any which way, he is a th1ef.”


Reacting to the opinion of Doctor Penking, so many netizens said it is very possible for someone to use 100 thousand naira to buy a bottle of drink in a Club.


Read reactions below;


@V3rified1:  “Stop typing nonsense., people are making alot of money throw affiliate marketing & network. So they’re fraud too right ? Or should I tag ladies & guys on this bird app that maid 10m+ in 3 months and are still making it ?”


@kaka_Johnpaul01: “That’s not true…if you invest a huge amount of money bro BTC/ETH you are gonna double or triple your investment money by Nov/Dec and you can spend it anyhow
I have actually invested though…the key point is knowing when to withdraw your investment.”


@FlawllessBeauty: “Your circles of associates is really affecting the way you see Nigeria. We have people who are earning big time in Nigeria and their money are legits. They can buy what they desires without stressed. Change your circles of friends you will see outside better because you are still.”


Reading the above summary, what is your answer to this? Let’s see your own part of view in the comment section.

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