Why Do Poor People Hate The Rich? 

There’s this question many people have been asking both on social media and offline. Questions like; “why do poor people hate the rich?”


In this post  you will surely know if the people who are described as the poor truly hate the rich.


Do Poor People Really Hate the Rich?


To me I won’t go with the word hate because it is a very strong word and only used for someone who has done something unforgivable to you. You can’t hate someone who you don’t know that’s just the fact.


I would say, why do the poor feel intimidated around rich people?


It’s true right?


Yes! Because most people who see themselves not up to a standard of another man feel intimidated and then you hear them say “just because he has money.” Some will go as far as saying “so many rich people today did one or two evil things to get wealth and firm,” in order to justify their wrong thoughts of being intimidated.


Do All Rich People Engage In Evil Rituals To Make Money?


The truth of the matter is, we can not deny the fact that money rituals doesn’t exist especially in this present generation but that doesn’t mean everyone you see today with so much money is into that. Many people today do legit businesses to earn a living and also live a luxury live.


Can The Poor Be Rich?


The answer is one hundred percent yes! In short let me shock you. Do you know that  70% of rich men and women today we’re once poor? Some had nothing to write home about their lives while some has future but didn’t see the resources until their time came.


In conclusion,  it is important for everyone to note that every man is destined to be rich some day but it depends on how serious you take your race to success. So therefore, the poor doesn’t hate the rich but only feels somehow intimidated.



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