“He slapped me and I had instant headache” – Lady narrates her date experience.

Following the story of the young lady who considered a man incompatible because he couldn’t plan their first date, a big question was asked by a netizen who asked for stories related with “worst date experience”.

Stories flew by but one of the most intriguing was the that of a lady who shared her funny yet bizarre experience.

A Twitter user with the handle @tiananjoku decided to share her first/worst date experience that involved a slap.

“I noticed he has bow legs and I asked if he plays football and he said he does, and asked how I knew. I told him because of his bow legs and I swear to God, before I could say Jack! I heard twaiii! at the back of my head. This guy legit slapped my head and was laughing…..Ahhhh
I had instant headache and was so pissed with tears legit in my eyes, because I’m a good person and I don’t deserve this type of mad person in my life. I asked him what he did that for and he told me, he was just fooling around with me, By slapping my head? I changed it for him! I asked him to drop me off where I’d get a bus home because I didn’t know where we were at that point, the idiot on the way asked me why I was so angry and that I’m too “serious”. After he dropped me, I blocked his number and deleted it too. Bastard”

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